mercredi 4 avril 2018


 Hello, it has been a long time since I was last in blog land. I am kept busy with my sweet daughter who has autism and who teaches me every day how best to be in tune with how she is feeling and to life's other side, a quieter and slower way of life that we share deeply together.

Spring is slowly entering in

Enjoying some quiet sunny moments together.

I knitted this jumper I am wearing below, I have been enjoying the slow and soothing process of knitting.

We had some real snowy days this Winter. The view from our window was magical.

and then Spring came...

I wish you all a beautiful Spring!

3 commentaires:

Valerie-Jael a dit…

Great to see you around again Kat. Wonderful art and photos. Enjoy the special time with your daughter. Hugs, Valerie

sheila 77 a dit…

Hello there Kat. I was so happy to see you had posted again. I've missed seeing your unique way of painting, both in colour and design. I love the collage at the start with the contrast between the straight lines and curves, and the colours and patterns on the second are just an amazing combination.
Hasn't Lucia grown, she is still as lovely as ever with her beautiful smile.
Your knitted jumper - oh I'd love to knit one just like it with all these colours and the simple shape; it looks very cosy.
And your local scenery is enchanting as always.
Tell Lucia that Douglas says hello.
love from Sheila

Tammie Lee a dit…

Lovely to see you posting. It was so nice to get your messages.
Your art is so dear and joyful. As is your wonderful jumper which makes me smile.... perhaps it has magic in the stitches.
Your winter view does look lovely, as does your spring.
Wishing you a sweet spring!