mercredi 22 juillet 2015

In The Garden

I had to join in the Moo Mania challenge, the theme being "in the garden." I love abstract organic shapes and so this theme fitted in just great! All I need is a photo of my dad's lovely vegetable patch to complete things, I may still get around to putting that in but for now these abstract gardens and flowers will have to do!

Below are a selection of real Moo size art pieces, the seasons changing and flowers blooming!

I was almost going to forget to put this one in, but here it is a quick collage card I made, "between two worlds."

Our family holiday in the mountains begins this Saturday, so I may not get round to visiting everyone this week! When away I always have a blogging break, so will not be around for a couple of weeks.
I wish you all well, enjoy your gardens, parks and favourite green places this Summer!
Have fun and bloom!

My boys have been busy too and welcome you to their blog where they have been creating too and having fun, thanks to all who make it their for a little visit!

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jeudi 16 juillet 2015

Summer of Colour Week 6

More swirls and happy play with this final week of Summer of Colour, wow these weeks have gone by in a whirl of colour so fast!
It's been great fun playing along and this week I loved the last colour combo: orange, orange and blue!
Such happy colours, full of sunshine and warmth they are loaded with Summer!

I twirled and swirled in a world of oranges and blue!

Such colours make me feel the heat of Summer, mellow times at the end of a day, sun hats and shades, bright happy days!

This final piece below reminds me of the last days of Summer when the first clouds and rain make their way back. When autumn days feel closer, days so much fresher, the heat slowly fading away!

But we're not there yet, a whole Summer to enjoy awaits filled with light and sunny days!
Kat xx

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vendredi 10 juillet 2015

Summer of Colour Week 5

Hello, it's week 5 of Summer of Colour and the colours this week are green, green and pink!
These are another set of favourites so I had a colour blast!

Somewhere in the Summer garden trees and flowers swirled.

Nature's sounds delight with crickets singing, swallows rejoicing and frogs taking over at night.

Amongst the colours of the garden life bloomed all around, such abundance!

Happy Summer Days!

My lads have a blog if you wish to visit here is the link:
You can find their blog in my favourite blog list, they are very excited and having lots of graphical art fun this Summer. 

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vendredi 3 juillet 2015

Summer of Colour Week 4

This week we had red, red and a metallic for the Summer of Colour Challenge.
Well I don't have any metallic colours so that was a problem, that's where some tin foil came in handy.

It's been a hot week here and the colours are certainly hot this week too!

Swirly reds, happy to play along!

Below are two collages used with cut out pieces of the first picture I posted.

Finally I share a couple of village photos, here's our favourite toy shop!

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mercredi 24 juin 2015

Summer of Colour Week 3

This week we have purple, purple and yellow for our weekly colours! At first I wasn't so sure about these colours but I ended up having a whizzing time and loved the challenge!

It's been a tough week with Lulu ill with chicken pox, she is on the mend now, so all is fine.
But it's so good to be able to let go in the evening with some art time to wind down after the day!

I made a couple of collage cards too using recycled art and bits of magazine.

Here below are also some shots of our week-end in Amsterdam I promised quite a few of you I'd share. 

I loved this light shop below and had to take a picture of all these beautiful lights, quite magical!

We had a wonderful week-end, it passed like a snap shot in our lives, but that's why we keep going back for more!

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vendredi 19 juin 2015

Summer of Colour Week 2

Another great Summer of Colour week arrived with the colour theme being pink, pink and orange. These sure are another set of favourites so out came the brush as I splattered happily in my journal, playing loosely, especially in Summer when I love light and loose techniques even more with the sultry hot days, it feels wonderful to play freely with colour!

Pinks and oranges remind me of sunsets, Autumn skies, mellow end of the days in Summer,
they are soft, warm and full of comfort!

My pen had a gentle walk in a blooming pink and orange garden, the air felt warm and fruity amongst these budding flowers!

I love this street in Valbonne and had to share this too, especially with its splash of pink and orange, delightful!

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mercredi 10 juin 2015

Summer of Colour Week One

Hello, Summer of Colour has started and this week starts off with some favourite colours of mine, blue, blue and green. I had lots of fun with these beautiful colours!

I then had fun making some collage cards using the above piece and cutting it out to create something new!

Here's another lovely door in my village.

and my lovely Lulu

It's great to be back to that time of year when Summer of Colour begins, a wonderful start to Summer!
I'm off to Amsterdam with Alex on Friday, our flight is in the early afternoon so I should manage to link up to Paint Party Friday before leaving. I'll catch up with you all when I return.
Cheers to a beautiful, colourful Summer!

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