mardi 27 octobre 2020

The Dark Half Setting In

The days are shortening.

Cold weather is on its way.

Orange pumpkins sprout.

Open winter's door. 

Changing seasons come and go.
Feel the wind and cold.


jeudi 5 mars 2020

Spring Is on it Way

March is here and I am back with my latest works.
It is such a sweet place to be when you are riding in the flow, it may be while painting, or cooking or walking or even cleaning.

You can find that beautiful state of flow in so many activities, yet the state is unique, when you become one with the activity you are doing, such a beautiful place to be.

Below I have some colourful pieces, the first depict a garden beginning to bloom, as rain turns to sunshine, days lengthening and buds growing.

Spring is on its way, feel the energy and enjoy!

Colours are blooming and melting in this piece below where the storm has passed, the air is electric, day is ending and seasons are changing.

This one here below is so soft, it depicts a peaceful village walk, one early Spring morning, when the world is fresh and slowly rising.

And below it is the same picture but I added more layers of paint to have more depth. I like them both, the first one is the early morning and the second here below depicts an evening walk, shadows creeping and light slowly turning dark.

In this one I can feel the fertile Earth and the potential for growth, it has an Earth energy of possibilities and changes to come. I feel full of hope and expansion as I gaze at this.

Spring is such a delicate season, you can have a day like the painting above of sunshine and light with the first stirrings of warmth and then the next day can be like the painting below when Winter stands strong and cold again. Contrasts are very clear in this season, which holds such magic and transformation. A quiet dance between warmth and cold, between bare branches and first buds, between a deep blue sky and dark cold clouds gathering. A silent dance between the yin and yang energies, the slow waking up of nature and the first gentle whispers of light and warmth to come.

Enjoy this dance of cold and warmth, light and dark, feel the magic in your day and savour all the things you love to do. Light and peace to all!

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vendredi 31 janvier 2020

Winter Dreams

Shadows creeping, as sun sets. The world turns mellow, as the bewitching hour sets in.

A winter dream of snowflakes falling on a cold winter's night. Of deep crimson sunsets, of cold and darkness and the warmth inside.

Snowy dreams somewhere in the depths of the forest one deep Winter's night.

The orange pink glow of Winter evenings touch my core. such beauty, such depth, Winter's magical light glows bright.

The Earth sleeps, nature stands still, all is quiet and at rest. Winter's peace has depth.

Flowers will bloom again, they are getting ready, life is going to burst through but now tis the time to  dream and rest, slow down like all of nature in Winter.

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vendredi 3 janvier 2020

Happy New Year!!! Light and PEACE to all!!

     Winter has began and it is cold, time to rest, sleep, go inwards. Slow down and savour all those moments....

Below is the last sunset of 2019 I enjoyed on the 31st.

I nearly forgot to add this happy Snowman!

I hope you have all enjoyed this special season in your own ways! Sending all my heart felt wishes for the New Year, may it shine!!

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vendredi 13 décembre 2019

Christmas Magic

Tis well the month of December so here is my xmas show! A few of the pieces below are inspired by Andrea Gomoll's creations on her Youtube channel where she has an artsy xmas advent calendar and there are four pieces below that I followed her on, she is a great artist, very inspiring!!

Winter truly sets in with these pieces below, the air is icy cold, can you feel it?

And who doesn't love those sweet red robins, I love spotting them out doors!

Winter winds howl and the great North inspires much magic and beauty.
Skies that glow and trees that sway, as snow falls thickly all around.

Wishing you all much peace and joy!

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mercredi 27 novembre 2019


Hello and welcome back to my creative corner.
A couple of weeks ago I had a creative spurge feeling wintery and prepared some seasonal cards.

I am greatly inspired by the grand North and Winter time. The sky is so beautiful at this time of year when on a sunny day you get those glorious twilight pink skies melting into turquoise blues before dimming to black, what a show!!

It won't be long now until we start seeing christmas trees popping up here and there.
Decorations are getting put up all around to prepare for the season.

I just love the pink skies! In front of my home we have a beautiful forest that I love to gaze at and especially love the shadows and colours as the day ends in Winter and dusk falls.

Below is another card from my daily deck. This one is picked often and reminds me to ground and find my centre, breathe, do some yoga and connect with that universal energy.

Light and love to you all!

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vendredi 8 novembre 2019

Winter Cards

Hello and welcome back to my creative corner.
I am busy making little Winter seasonal cards and have been inspired by Shayda Campbell's youtube channel again for these first 3 pieces.

This little house below is somewhere deep in the forest where the little folk live. The November light is rosy crimson as the sun sets and the shadows slowly creep up. The wind is blowing and there is a first flurry of snowflakes.
Inside the the little folk keep warm and enjoy creating and telling stories by the fire.

Below is another one of my daily cards I pick from my deck. Today I picked an energy card, it is similar to last week's strength one, with its red colours of energy that give me a push in the right direction. Sometimes movement helps to pick me up, Qi Gong is a beautiful energetic practice I enjoy and reiki is another beautiful ritual I do every day sending to all those in need. 
Connecting with that universal energy feels beautiful and brings me the energy I need for my day.
Sending light to all here, thanks for your visit!

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