mercredi 21 juin 2017

Welcome Summer

A palette of Summer,
a taste of juicy hot days to come,
sweltering heat and haze.
Colours mixing and melting together.
Light hearted and fun,
laugh and sing,
walk bare foot,
smile and let it all go!

vendredi 9 juin 2017

Sunny and Green

Hello I hope you're all enjoying the Summer that's slowly unfolding.
Above is a sweet fairy that loves to flutter amongst the Summer flowers and below is a latest finished canvas: "the world turns green."

 Having a walk in Antibes one morning I came upon this bike hanging on the wall, it reminded me of Amsterdam.

 Some sea views...

Linking to Paint Party Friday 

mardi 9 mai 2017


One Spring morn...

Colours flash!

Bold and wide awake!

Spring is alive and kicking!

Sharing with you a window into a Spring morning wandering the botanic gardens near home.

Such a blue skied day!

Moments to savour...

Sweet Lulu behind our Spring tree.

vendredi 14 avril 2017

Happy Spring

 The world is turning greener by the day, I love the freshness and vibrant green of this beautiful season!

 Enjoy the fresh colours of these Spring days!

Happy Easter Spring week-end to all!

When the sky is blue, Spring is swinging! Lulu, so happy playing in the sunshine.

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dimanche 26 mars 2017

Abstract Spring

These pieces are fragments of water, wind, sky, fresh growth, light, beautiful fresh Spring as it gently unfolds.
Linking to Art Journal Journey's theme "out and about."

Sunday morning, enjoying the Spring blue.

mardi 14 mars 2017

Early Spring

"Out and about" (the theme over at Art Jounal Journey) you can spot the first signs of Spring. In this piece I started with my beloved Autumn colours but I sprinkled in some green, for the new buds to come and the early signs of Spring that start appearing.

Outside my window after the rain, the sun popped out, everything was a sparkle!

Inside two little friends sat happily enjoying the sunlight by the flowers.

A close up of Roger, as Lulu has named him.

We even spotted a Spring fairy amongst the flowers!

My Lulu with her beloved teddy and both of us below.

Wishing you all a beautiful Spring and also linking to Art Journal Journey and the theme"out and about."

mardi 28 février 2017

Spring Awaits

Just round the corner Spring awaits, I had that in mind as I journaled and played with fresh Spring colours.
Today is grey and Winter still clings on, but that's fine, the sun is stretching longer each day it pops out now.

I've been making these dolls, my Lulu loves them!

And a Winter's sea and sky! I find great beauty even in the grey! The light felt silvery and magical.