jeudi 23 octobre 2014

Changing Colours

We're fighting viruses in my home, so we're not feeling great.
We're all leaving Monday to visit my sister in England so I'll not be around next week.
This is an old piece I found to post before leaving, I thought it would fit in well with the leaves theme at Soartful Challenges.

I wish you all well!

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mercredi 15 octobre 2014

Bright and Happy Forest

It was a bright and sunny day in the deep forest one October's morning,  all were feeling lively and oh so happy!

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Check out the happy friends below, they wanted to pop in to say hello!

and some critters I put together for Lulu's school spooky tasting theme they're having tomorrow.
They are simply an assembly of crackers and cream cheese with currants and cream cheese for the eyes. I found this idea on internet and found it simple and fun to do!   

mardi 7 octobre 2014

Deep in the Autumn Forest

 Deep in the forest I can smell Autumn and the season turning, the colours are changing by the day now and evenings are drawing in. It's a most beautiful time of year that always stirs something inside of me. The twirling leaves, the light, colours and the special magic that October holds, are all dear to me. 

Below is a piece my son Noa did, he now has his own blog, you can find his link in my list of blogs.  He has started his Halloween series as you can see and loves this spooky time of year!

I'm also showing off these marvellous and delicious creations Alex made us at the week-end,  they were truly scrumptious, we had a feast!

Happy moments to all!

Kat xxx

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mercredi 1 octobre 2014

Going to Town

Over at SoArtful  Challenges the theme is "the motor car."
It took me some time to get round to this challenge, but I suddenly had to draw these three little cars going to town one sunny day.
It's a journal piece done with felts and water colour.
Happy sunny days to all!
Hugs Kat xx

The other day I enjoyed a beautiful walk in the forest with Lulu and my parents. I love this beautiful pine forest and Lulu kept finding little flowers to gently caress and talk to!

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mercredi 24 septembre 2014

Amongst Flowers

I finished this canvas, after playing with layers and having a messy colourful time.  I had the theme "Living Beings" in mind while doing this, the theme over at Art Journal Journey this month.
So Summer lingered in my work as I painted this happy piece. This little fellow enjoys a sunny day amongst flowers as the last warm breezes blow around.

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jeudi 18 septembre 2014

Mellow Days

It's warm September but mornings and evenings are cool now, days shortening and those mellow days are getting closer, when the sky turns pink and orange at dusk, a magical time! I love how the light begins to slowly change at this time of year, this journal piece has some of that in it.

Take the time to slow down, feel the day and give it space!

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mercredi 10 septembre 2014

Summer's End

It's still very green down here and warm, but still I can feel the change of season round the corner now and so I played and let Autumn slowly in with this journal piece.
I wish you all well!
Kat xx

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