jeudi 26 novembre 2015

Abstract Autumn

There comes a point when Autumn feels more like Winter, golden colours turn frosty. An icy edge in the air, so fresh and dry. The light changes too. I felt this change last week-end, when the first cold came upon us, the sky turning a bright shade of blue, with a different intensity and clarity.
Really beautiful.
These pieces are tributes to the golden Autumn days, the orange light and glow as the sun sinks lower in the sky each day.

Swirls, twirls, breezes rushing through or maybe just a quiet whisper or a gentle caress.

This abstract is loud and full of energy. Warm tones of reds and oranges, streaks and marks.
Sometimes you can catch the evening sky with some fire streaked through it, glowing so bright before the dark inky black night like a hot ember, it heats my heart and soul!

Warmth and peace to all!

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mercredi 18 novembre 2015

An Autumn Day

Somewhere, far from the horrors of our world, live these little people in such peace and joy.
They send blessings and love to all out there in need.
May your days be as blissful as theirs.
Love Kat xx

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jeudi 5 novembre 2015

Sweet November

It's that orange time of year when the light turns more and more mellow. It is my favourite time, pumpkin days, orange streaked skies, light fading early, mist rising. Such a beautiful and magical season, I wish you all a beautiful November full of glowing, orange light!

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jeudi 22 octobre 2015

Twirly Castle and Little Town

A castle with a twirl reaches high into the yellow sky.

 Little town, with yellow and pink streets, sometimes I get lost while having a wander here.

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mercredi 14 octobre 2015

Flower Town

A sunny day in Flower town, the streets are quiet and the flowers bloom high and bright on an early Autumn's day.

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vendredi 2 octobre 2015

Tangled Colours

I made it here again with this piece that's all entangled with colour and lines going here, there and everywhere a bit like my mind on some days when I feel all over the place. That's when art and stillness centre and the quiet returns!

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jeudi 24 septembre 2015

Through My Window

This week I've been busy enjoying making plum jams. I'm not used to making jams so this is a first and about time too, I'm loving it, experimenting with sugar content and different tastes to add to the fruit like rum and vanilla. 

So lots of fun over the cooking pots and sliding in art time too as always, where I look through my window that's still filled with late Summer bloom and I imagine the little creatures enjoying their lives in their world!

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