mardi 15 juillet 2014

Summer of Colour- Trees and Flowers

Hello to all, I've been busy getting ready for our holidays to the mountains today and wasn't sure I'd manage to slip in some arty time for this last Summer of Colour. When I saw that this week the colours were raspberry, tangerine and a pop of lemon I had to make some time and play, so I quickly got out my water colours, pens and wax pastels and let these colours flow.

I am often short on time but I find that sometimes just letting the brush loose and not thinking of where a piece is going is so liberating and the results flow.

A big thanks to all who comment this week, sorry if I don't get back to you, I'm leaving tomorrow and 
I think I'll leave my computer at home and will have some off line time!

Hugs to all and thanks Kristin for all this colourful fun!

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mardi 8 juillet 2014

Feathery Tree

This is being linked to Soartful Challenges where this months theme is "feathers." It's my light feathery leaf tree!

Summer of Colour- Blues and Reds

I've had an evening of painting and getting into this weeks colours: red, royal blue and a pop of light blue.  So I tried to play with these and came up with some playful pieces. They feel airy and free to me, as was this beautiful day here. It felt more like a September day, deep blue sky this morning after last nights storm and so airy and fresh. The colours were clear and bright! I should have snapped some time.

These days are so special, the light dazzles and delights, so here's wishing you all deep blue skied days!

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mercredi 2 juillet 2014


Mix it monthly got my creative juices stirring with the boat theme and so I got my water colours, pens and wax pastels out for this one and enjoyed playing! A little peaceful boat floating down the river. Floating boats have always given me a sense of peace and calm, they are centred and graceful. That feeling of floating relaxes and so emerged this little boat floating peacefully down the river bank. When I inverted the colours on this I loved the magical effect and the colours came out so rich and warm that I had to post this night version. So dream on dear friends and when feeling frazzled try to let go and float on by.

Below are another couple of boats I played with in a looser way for more fun!

These are riding on a choppy sea!

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mardi 1 juillet 2014

Summer of Colour-In the Garden

I've been feeling pretty bad with a tummy bug, but although I'm feeling weak my head feels clearer today and less feverish, so I gathered my colours and played in bed with Summer of Colour. The colours this week are my favourites, pink, apple green and a splash/pop of dark green, so making this felt good and green of course is a healing colour!

The piece below was my first attempt in bed, very simple, too simple so I played some more and came up with the above flowery piece! I think the colours this week deserved a little more than that!

Also linking to Art Journal Journey where the theme for July is flowers!

vendredi 27 juin 2014

Little Homes

I've just about made this in time for the Mix it Monthly theme "home".  I've loved the colours for this, I used water colour paints and felts, lots of fun!

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mercredi 25 juin 2014

In the Grey and Little Homes

Hello! I've been having lots of fun over at Summer of Colour playing with the different colour themes. At first I found the colours this week (grey, lavender and a splash of plum) hard and not so much to my liking, but still I played and then found I enjoyed these colours more and more. So I added another piece into my original SOC link but many may have missed it, so here I'll link it up to Paint Party Friday. I slap dashed water colour then when it was dry, doodled  away.

In the grey,
patterns exist,
colour emerges.
Feel the velvet soft grey caress your day.

I've just popped back here to add in this one just completed for the home theme over at mix it monthly. I'll be linking to Art Journal Journey too for the house theme. I loved these bright colours, this was fun to do with water colour paints and felts.

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