jeudi 26 février 2015


Winter has been in my heart this week with the sudden death of my beloved Gran!
She died peacefully in her sleep on Monday night.
Dear Gran sparkled, her soul will be safe, warm and at peace now.
I carry all my gran's love in my heart, she meant so much to me, how truly blessed I am to have had such a great Gran.

Now you may remember this piece below I posted a few months back when my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer.

I have now finished this canvas and also have great news about dad who is doing really well and needs no more chemo, he is clear from any cancer and is building his strength every day now.
We feel Gran waited to hear dad was going to be well before slipping away peacefully.

The 27th of February is my son Liam's 13th Birthday so I also want to wish him a wonderful day and year ahead!

Happy Birthday Pea!!!

Blessings to all

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jeudi 19 février 2015


It's still Winter but days are definitely lengthening and birds can be heard singing sweetly. This piece celebrates  light and the slow awakenings of nature.

Sending light and love your way!

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vendredi 13 février 2015


I'm posting this journal piece to link to Moo Mania, the theme being circles!
I'm joining in the fun with these happy circles.
Circles of power and colour are sent your way!

jeudi 12 février 2015

A Pink Day

May you have many pink days where all flows and the sun beats warm on your back. Where the sky is streaked pink and orange and life has a sweet scent as you smile and glow from inside.
Sending pink thoughts and love to all

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mercredi 4 février 2015

Love and Colour

Bright blobs of colour and love to float upon and dream of all that makes you happy.
For me it's in all the simple things of every day, caring for my close ones, the colour of the sky and the cold Winter air. 
Dad had his big operation and is recovering well, it will take time but he will soon be back home and will really pick up. 
Thanks so much for all your prayers and kind support!

Have a bubbly, colourful time!

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jeudi 29 janvier 2015

Colourful Dreams


Playing with colour, where all feels connected and bright, full of positive energy!

This one is more mellow, an Autumn's dream.

Dad is going to have major surgery this Monday, he has been in hospital for 2 weeks now due to complications and is finally getting operated on Monday, he remains positive and bright through it all! Sending colourful bright energy all around you dad full of healing powers!

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jeudi 22 janvier 2015

Happy Colour

A happy mix of bright colour to send cheer to you all! Playful happy pieces, a cocktail of colourful energy for those in need!

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