mercredi 27 novembre 2019


Hello and welcome back to my creative corner.
A couple of weeks ago I had a creative spurge feeling wintery and prepared some seasonal cards.

I am greatly inspired by the grand North and Winter time. The sky is so beautiful at this time of year when on a sunny day you get those glorious twilight pink skies melting into turquoise blues before dimming to black, what a show!!

It won't be long now until we start seeing christmas trees popping up here and there.
Decorations are getting put up all around to prepare for the season.

I just love the pink skies! In front of my home we have a beautiful forest that I love to gaze at and especially love the shadows and colours as the day ends in Winter and dusk falls.

Below is another card from my daily deck. This one is picked often and reminds me to ground and find my centre, breathe, do some yoga and connect with that universal energy.

Light and love to you all!

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vendredi 8 novembre 2019

Winter Cards

Hello and welcome back to my creative corner.
I am busy making little Winter seasonal cards and have been inspired by Shayda Campbell's youtube channel again for these first 3 pieces.

This little house below is somewhere deep in the forest where the little folk live. The November light is rosy crimson as the sun sets and the shadows slowly creep up. The wind is blowing and there is a first flurry of snowflakes.
Inside the the little folk keep warm and enjoy creating and telling stories by the fire.

Below is another one of my daily cards I pick from my deck. Today I picked an energy card, it is similar to last week's strength one, with its red colours of energy that give me a push in the right direction. Sometimes movement helps to pick me up, Qi Gong is a beautiful energetic practice I enjoy and reiki is another beautiful ritual I do every day sending to all those in need. 
Connecting with that universal energy feels beautiful and brings me the energy I need for my day.
Sending light to all here, thanks for your visit!

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vendredi 1 novembre 2019

Entering the dark time of year

Hello and welcome to my art corner this week!
 I have squeezed in some art blogging time to share some of my latest creations. The above is a journal piece, where the flow helped my thoughts still, this lady in blue came to soothe away my worries and helped still my mind.

Below I have two pieces inspired by Autumn colours and tutorials taken by Shayda Campbell youtube page


I relaxed and enjoyed the process of being guided with my water colours by Shayda Campbell to make these pieces and since this is a favorite time of year I loved the theme of Autumn. This snowy owl felt very peaceful and quiet and reminded me how Winter is just round the corner now.

Here are some more wintery houses as I played with a few watercolour marks then added doodles and looked for shapes!

This piece below is a canvas work, again it is full of the cold weather to come and a celebration of the dark time of year. Full moons are another favourite of mine so this magnetic moon popped up to illuminate this little cottage one magical Winter's night.

The snow is falling gently, all is still and quiet, such peace!

A little mushroom house hidden in the deep forest. The little folk keep warm as the first snows fall.

Finally, below is one of my cards I picked from my guidance deck, reminding me to be strong! Sometimes we have hard days, sometimes there are challenges but we can always find strength and a force that keeps pushing us forward even through those darker days!

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Thanks for your visit! 

Love Kat xx

mercredi 9 octobre 2019

Colours and Art of the Week

Below  are two pieces I made as a part of my intuitive guidance card deck.

Days of silence, going inwards, finding that calm place inside, 
that stillness and quiet, peace.

Sometimes we all need a little courage, to step out of our comfort zones, to say "yes" we can do it!
This card is a little push in that direction, it encourages and cheers me on!

I completed a floral abstract, wanting the colours to pop. I played very intuitively with this one letting my fingers do most of this painting, losing myself in the flow, playing with colours and texture and layer upon layer.

And here is a little village nestled in the hills where Autumn is already turning slowly into crispy Winter, as the winds blow and the brown leaves fall.

 Below I have the art of doodling, where my pen fancies taking a walk and having freedom to do what it wants! 

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vendredi 4 octobre 2019

Playing and Getting In the Flow

Hello great to be back and pop in with a few new pieces here and there.
The above and below are a few organic pieces, reflecting the seasons changing.

This little cutie below was inspired by Tam over on
She has hosted an amazing art summit and Life book 2020 looks to be an exciting and very inspiring event! Go over to her site and check it all out!!

These pieces below were inspired by one of the summit activities by Andrea Gomoll (

I will be posting more of these cards I have made in the near future. They are such fun and I love to pick one every day for inspiration and guidance for that particular day.

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mercredi 27 mars 2019


 Dreams, Spring light entering, soft and pink like the blossom outside my window.

The sky is blue....

My eyes are dazzled by the light. Feeling calmed by the soft waves breaking gently.

Losing myself in the aqua marine, gazing out to sea.

A time of rebirth, of new green and spring cleaning. The world feels fresh, bright and full of hope.

Evenings are mellow, to be savoured slowly, embracing the soft light that gently descends.

Don't forget to sip and enjoy your favourite tea, this surely completes a relaxing day!!

Happy Spring to all!

dimanche 17 mars 2019

New Beginnings

Hello! It has been a long time since I have posted here but with Spring and new beginnings it is time again.

Life is not always easy living with our autistic daughter Lulu. She is the sweetest soul but suffers from terrible anxiety.
We are working with her to help her through the hard times and all the good times are savoured to the full!

We are climbing our mountain together through the thick and thin and our journey is precious.


Mixed media made with soft creamy evening Spring light, showing us the way!

Last of Winter

Winter is nearing an end but early Spring can show up some cold blasts at times when you feel Winter is still close by. Enjoying all the seasons as always, the dark nights of Winter, the beautiful orange glow of Winter's in the South of France, the soft blossomy Spring days, so much to enjoy, gazing at beautiful skies and honouring the light that is in our lives!

Wishing you all well, thanks for visiting again,
love Kat xxx