jeudi 5 mars 2020

Spring Is on it Way

March is here and I am back with my latest works.
It is such a sweet place to be when you are riding in the flow, it may be while painting, or cooking or walking or even cleaning.

You can find that beautiful state of flow in so many activities, yet the state is unique, when you become one with the activity you are doing, such a beautiful place to be.

Below I have some colourful pieces, the first depict a garden beginning to bloom, as rain turns to sunshine, days lengthening and buds growing.

Spring is on its way, feel the energy and enjoy!

Colours are blooming and melting in this piece below where the storm has passed, the air is electric, day is ending and seasons are changing.

This one here below is so soft, it depicts a peaceful village walk, one early Spring morning, when the world is fresh and slowly rising.

And below it is the same picture but I added more layers of paint to have more depth. I like them both, the first one is the early morning and the second here below depicts an evening walk, shadows creeping and light slowly turning dark.

In this one I can feel the fertile Earth and the potential for growth, it has an Earth energy of possibilities and changes to come. I feel full of hope and expansion as I gaze at this.

Spring is such a delicate season, you can have a day like the painting above of sunshine and light with the first stirrings of warmth and then the next day can be like the painting below when Winter stands strong and cold again. Contrasts are very clear in this season, which holds such magic and transformation. A quiet dance between warmth and cold, between bare branches and first buds, between a deep blue sky and dark cold clouds gathering. A silent dance between the yin and yang energies, the slow waking up of nature and the first gentle whispers of light and warmth to come.

Enjoy this dance of cold and warmth, light and dark, feel the magic in your day and savour all the things you love to do. Light and peace to all!

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12 commentaires:

Clare Lloyd a dit…

Beautiful art work

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations a dit…

So many lovely pieces to see, love how you have shown us the difference and detail that white pen can add to the pages. Fabulous work.
Happy creating & PPF Tracey x

sirkkis a dit…

I really love every piece of art and every words you erite ❤️
Wonderful expressive both.
Wishing you happy, inspiring time 🌺💚

By EAGHL a dit…

Beautiful Spring. It will be here soon.

Christine a dit…

Lovely work!

Crafting Queen a dit…

These are beautiful, love the colours.

Tammie Dickerson a dit…

What a beautiful, inspiring post! I love your spring paintings with lovely colors and moods! I am looking forward to our new flowers just now emerging from the earth!

DVArtist a dit…

Wow! I really love the contrast between your pieces today. All of them just lovely.

Tammie Lee a dit…

Hi Kat,
You are so right, the time of winter into spring can be quite a change-able thing.
The last three days were sunny and snow was melting, today is gray and the melt is slower if happening at all.

Each of your pieces is charming and lovely to see. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you also for your messages.
lovely winter into spring to you!

Linda Kunsman a dit…

Delightful, whimsical art! I love the loosely painted backgrounds with your super doodling over it. Happy PPF!

sheila 77 a dit…

Your designs are just marvellous.
I love the first two splashy watercolours with the black and white leaves and flowers, that is so effective and beautiful.
How interesting to see the two versions of the "peaceful village walk", early morning and evening. I would have really liked the first but then the second brings out so much more, especially the tower on the right. This painting is magical.
I really can't praise your painting style enough, I just love all of these, all of them with so much love and atmosphere, colour and scene.
The last four are full of wonder with the unusual colours and the flowers and trees and leaves jostling and bursting with life.

nwilliams6 a dit…

Wow - you have such a great talent - I love how you play with ink and colors. Amazing stuff!