jeudi 10 août 2017

Summer Hoidays

It's been a long time I've not been around here.
But Summer has been a beautiful palette of greens and filled with the sounds of water and nature.
As always I love to share some photos of our holidays and some collage.
Fragments of Summer, special moments and memories to treasure.
I hope you too all enjoy a beautiful Summer wherever you may be or Winter for those in the southern hemisphere.

Also I'm adding my son's youtube channel link, please check it out and send to anyone you may know who could be interested in game development. Meanwhile I'm just so proud and love what he's doing, his passion and motivation are infectious, I think you'll enjoy this video just for that, he rocks!
There is also a little surprise at the end with a glimpse of his sister Lulu, enjoy!

Check this video on YouTube

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9 commentaires:

Valerie-Jael a dit…

Beautiful art and photos, you visited some great places. Good to see you posting again. Hugs, Valerie

sheila 77 a dit…

I always love to see your holidays, they look so idyllic with your lovely and loving family. Lulu looks so happy and beautiful and that is an especially marvellous picture of Lulu and your husband in the forest.
You know that I love your free collages too, so colourful and happy also.
I'm happy to see you again.

Clare Lloyd a dit…

Great collage

Jean a dit…

What a fun collage. Lovely photos!

BrownPaperBunny a dit…

Lovely art and it looks like you're having a wonderful summer. It's our first summer with our daughter, and it's been fun watching her learn and discover new things! Happy PPF (I'm catching up a bit late).

Tammie Lee a dit…

Lovely to see glimpses of your art.
It looks like you have embraced summer by getting out and enjoying nature with your family. I also have done lots of that, but not is quite smoky from many wildfires.

Your son is so much fun! I enjoyed his video, fun that he added bloopers. I wish him the best with his games!

sheila 77 a dit…

Watched the two videos. Fascinating and very well explained and illustrated. Well done to your son.

Anonyme a dit…

Magical collage, they are so representative of you. I love seeing your sweet family smiling in so many photos. I shall check out your son's youtube! xox

Giggles a dit…

Precious art and photos!! Such a beautiful family!! Checked out your sons youtube video..what an awesome young man. Fascinating video!! I'm the type it would appeal to if I was making a game!! I love finding info on youtube! Wishing you a fabulous rest of the summer!

Hugs Giggles