lundi 10 mars 2014

Winter Landscapes

                                  Holiday Photos

Hello here I'm posting some photos I took while up in the mountains last week. We had so much snow, the landscape was like something from a picture fairy tale book so I clicked and photo edited these to share with you.

Sleet against the windowpane,
or maybe a mouse in the wall.
I listen but silence knows no direction.
heavey pine boughs,
deep in the quiet woods,
so quiet,
so still.

(an extract from Silent Solstice, Denis Dunn)

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Gorgeous, gorgeous photographs....Such pretty villages and trees. Mouse in the wall, I can relate. xox

sheila 77 a dit…

These are out of a fairy story, or a theatre set. I can hardly believe real people go there! Thanks for sharing these.

Paper rainbow a dit…

These look too beautiful to be true!!! You must have had a brilliant time. x

pauline a dit…

oh Kat, these photos are INCREDIBLE... i loved seeing every one of them, and especially the ones of you with your lovely little family!! It's always good to put a face to a name, isn't it? Thank you for sharing these... each one looks like an absolute winter wonderland. xx