jeudi 27 février 2014


    Winter shadows crept around,
     let me listen to silence,
     look at the winter sky and bare skeletal trees,
     full of cold bare beauty.
     A time to curl up with stories and dream.
     She is quiet and deep,
     full of stillness and peace.
     Sleep and dream,
     let winter be your lullaby,
     rock you gently,
     go slow and gentle.
     She whispers softly,
     listen to the wind in the dark of night
     feel the cold against your cheek,
     sleep tight on this winter's night.

                                                         Linking to Paint Party Friday

12 commentaires:

Giggles a dit…

Beautiful words and movement in your lovely painting!

Hugs Giggles

Netty a dit…

wow a brilliant explosion of colours and shapes. Happy PPF, Annette x

denthe a dit…

So much movement and life in this painting! Love it!

Linda Kunsman a dit…

really fantastic colors and shapes in this winter piece and a wonderful poem to go with it!

sheila 77 a dit…

That's such a good poem, Kat, and you've illustrated it so well. What a lovely picture of winter you have created in your unique style.

Paper rainbow a dit…

Enjoying your seasonal pieces Kate. This one is icy cold. Love those. Sharp blues. X

Anonyme a dit…

Read stories and dream....I like that and it's still too, too cold to do anything else. Lovely blue...xox

bellefrogworks a dit…

That is a beautiful abstract painting - I can see the flowing shadows of winter. Beautiful words as well

DVArtist a dit…

This does look like winter, Kat. You have captured the cold silence. Well Done

Annabelle a dit…

Read stories and dream, gotta love those words and the painting lends beautifully to them.

Annabelle : )

Joan Princing Art a dit…

What a lovely poem. And such a beautiful painting to accompany the poem. Love it. Great work - with both!
Have a fun day.

Jeannette a dit…

what a lovely poem,and your winter work its beautiful,i love the frosty blue colors and shapes,fantastic.

Greetings Jeannette