mardi 7 septembre 2010


The wind went swooshing through the woods,

seasons passing,

light forever changing.

The pale moon cast en eerie glow,

as she rocked weaving her shawl.

Little mice playing in the attic

and sticky cobwebs stretched in dusty corners.

The yellow eyed wolf sat tall and proud looking in at her,

wild and free,

so beautiful under the cold starry sky.
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3 commentaires:

Diane a dit…

Your lovely words bring life to your paintings--beautiful!!

Mrs. Spotts a dit…

Hi Kat, this was so nice to read and I love your painting. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom on my blog post. I really love what you say about just "closing off" sometimes. I totally get this and it is really what I needed to hear and what I need to do.

Lorrie a dit…

such a sweet sweet painting...and i am in love with the poem...very GOOD for the soul!!!