mardi 7 septembre 2010


Wet paintbrushes ready to paint,

free to pick any colour.

Open wide your windows

breathe in Autumn's fresh blue light.

Your day is a canvas full of colours,

find the ones that feel true to you.

The fresh breezes whisper,

let your thoughts run free,

as you open your door to September.
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2 commentaires:

Sandy Coleman a dit…

Hi Katrina,

I love these lovely words and this artwork. There is a timeliness about the embrace. I can feel the love here. :-)

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers a dit…

I love both your versions of 'Amour', Kat. The colours here start to change mid August, and now it feels like autumn. Your choice of colours in this painting is perfect for a 'September' feel.
Yes, I have had a lovely summer, thank you for your comment. But it has been busy - VERY busy! I'm only now coming up for air! Hope yours has been good too,