samedi 3 juillet 2010


Such a little word with such a big meaning,
can seem endless.
or just like the clicking of fingers,
go by like a summer's breeze.
The moments are important,
the colour of the day,
sharing the twists and turns.
Walk down your pathway.
Feel when it rushes like running down hill
or feels steep and slow.
Remember after each climb,
you reach the top where all is clear again.
We all have our path to walk down.
Feel the rough as well as the smooth.
The rich tapestry and textures of life,
to be savoured and enjoyed.
Each day a blank page will be filled with colours and shapes,
the shadows as well as the light.
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4 commentaires:

Lorrie Spotts a dit…

Hi Kat! It was so fun to find your message and then find my way here. I love the same music as you, and you are right, our paintings do have a similar feel to them. I love your vibrant colors though, I want to do more of the rich tones together as you have. Your life in France sounds lovely.

Thanks for finding my blog and commenting, I am excited to continue visiting with you here!


Diane a dit…

Hi Kat, thanks so much for visiting my blog--because now I'm following yours. Your work also appeals to me--love, love, your colors.

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers a dit…

Hello Kat,
Thank you so much for visiting both my blogs last week and for your lovely comments. I'm very pleased to return the compliment and to find your beautiful blog! Your artwork is gorgeous.
The words here have a special poignancy. Like you I have two sons and have recently realised they are almost grown up. Childhood, that sometimes seemed to stretch out into the future, has now passed and I'm aware more than ever of the importance of treasuring life's special moments. As, I think, are you!
A bien tôt!

Sandy Coleman a dit…

Oh....I like your poem on life, too. Very nice.