mercredi 23 juin 2010


A golden boat glides by,
With whispers soft of wishes.
Magical moon shines down
As the sea crashes and plays.
The edge of the world is out there somewhere,
This night of studded skies and shining moon.
Dancing and gazing at fire flames,
Possibilities are endless,
Magic at your finger tips.
Feel the breeze,
The wind,
Tonights whispers
Caress you and move you.
As fire flies play down the winding path,
Lighting the way to those lost in the dark.
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2 commentaires:

miz katie a dit…

"Possibilities are endless" - I love this line. Ah, yes! And, again..your sense of color makes me want to get up and dance around the room. heehee

I seem to like two kinds of art..either very colorful and busy. Or, plain, minimalistic..with lots of white.

Nah, scratch that! I love all kinds of art. Those are just my two favorites..this week, anyway. :) I'm forever changing my mind, and I have no favorites, really.

You know, I didn't want to dislike the Alice in Wonderland movie. I looked forward to seeing it for a year or so. But, it sadly wasn't something I enjoyed at all. I love Tim Burton's dark style, and Johnny Depp is such a terrific actor/person. But, it was a Disney movie, and I think they had control over it. Boo! Aw, well..

Thanks for visiting me, once again. I enjoy reading your comments. Oh, and I've added your blog to my Google reader, so I'll know when you update.

Sandy Coleman a dit…

I love the expression on this lady's face. Very intriguing.