vendredi 8 novembre 2019

Winter Cards

Hello and welcome back to my creative corner.
I am busy making little Winter seasonal cards and have been inspired by Shayda Campbell's youtube channel again for these first 3 pieces.

This little house below is somewhere deep in the forest where the little folk live. The November light is rosy crimson as the sun sets and the shadows slowly creep up. The wind is blowing and there is a first flurry of snowflakes.
Inside the the little folk keep warm and enjoy creating and telling stories by the fire.

Below is another one of my daily cards I pick from my deck. Today I picked an energy card, it is similar to last week's strength one, with its red colours of energy that give me a push in the right direction. Sometimes movement helps to pick me up, Qi Gong is a beautiful energetic practice I enjoy and reiki is another beautiful ritual I do every day sending to all those in need. 
Connecting with that universal energy feels beautiful and brings me the energy I need for my day.
Sending light to all here, thanks for your visit!

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9 commentaires:

Rain a dit…

Hi Kat :) Your cards are so pretty, I love the penguin! Reminds me that I need to start painting some Christmas cards soon!!! I want to live in that house with the little people!!! :) How wonderful that you send energy out to those in need. That's wonderful. :) I draw cards every morning, though I am more of a Tarot gal. Lovely post! So nice to meet you! :)

JFM a dit…

I love your winter cards!
Especially the first one with the candle!
Happy PPF

DVArtist a dit…

Ohh your winter cards are fabulous. Just fabulous.

Valerie-Jael a dit…

Hi Kat, great to see you again. Love your beautiful cards, that candle is absolutely fabulous. Happy PPF, have a great weekend and happy PPF, Valerie

Christine a dit…

Gorgeous cards!

Noa Calice a dit…

Beautiful, very warm art :)! As usual we can see and feel your distinct, lovely style. It brings me back to good, joyful Christmas days, cookies baking in the oven, a carol playing in the background, and presents under the tree. The good old days, hihihihi. Keep this up, you're getting me into the magical winter, Christmas vibe!

sheila 77 a dit…

Your Christmas paintings are so beautiful and of the spirit, so gentle.
The candle in the window glowing against the dark stormy weather outside, the marvellous penguin with his crimson fluffy earphones listening to a happy song and the fat contented robin on the fir - all such happy paintings of the events of a lovely Winter's day.
The little house with the flowers dancing outside is magical and I love your description of what is happening inside.

Tammie Lee a dit…

These are each charming and lovely. They make me smile.

I love that you made your own deck to choose from, quite inspiring. I might have to do that some day. Sounds like you have some supportive and inspiring rituals to start your day. I can only imagine they are supportive and good medicine.

sending love.....

Elkes Lebensglück a dit…

I love these self-painted pictures of you, they are beautiful!!!!
Happy PPF Elke