vendredi 1 novembre 2019

Entering the dark time of year

Hello and welcome to my art corner this week!
 I have squeezed in some art blogging time to share some of my latest creations. The above is a journal piece, where the flow helped my thoughts still, this lady in blue came to soothe away my worries and helped still my mind.

Below I have two pieces inspired by Autumn colours and tutorials taken by Shayda Campbell youtube page


I relaxed and enjoyed the process of being guided with my water colours by Shayda Campbell to make these pieces and since this is a favorite time of year I loved the theme of Autumn. This snowy owl felt very peaceful and quiet and reminded me how Winter is just round the corner now.

Here are some more wintery houses as I played with a few watercolour marks then added doodles and looked for shapes!

This piece below is a canvas work, again it is full of the cold weather to come and a celebration of the dark time of year. Full moons are another favourite of mine so this magnetic moon popped up to illuminate this little cottage one magical Winter's night.

The snow is falling gently, all is still and quiet, such peace!

A little mushroom house hidden in the deep forest. The little folk keep warm as the first snows fall.

Finally, below is one of my cards I picked from my guidance deck, reminding me to be strong! Sometimes we have hard days, sometimes there are challenges but we can always find strength and a force that keeps pushing us forward even through those darker days!

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Love Kat xx

5 commentaires:

Valerie-Jael a dit…

Hi Kat, your art is magical, love the colours and the beautiful seasonal paintings. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

Beth Niquette a dit…

I adore your painting style. It is whimsical and elegant all at the same time. Beautiful!

sheila 77 a dit…

I feel as if I have come across another world.
The little houses are so comforting and welcoming. The blue one seems to be drawing me in, so many shades of blue with the lovely white line drawings, while the pink and lime mushroom house is comfortably closed and quiet as its inhabitant sleeps within the white forest. The two clusters of houses are so friendly and pretty and I'm sure the neighbours are inside visiting eating cake and drinking tea and having a wonderful chat.
The blue lady is just the thing to calm away one's worries with her good advice and I see she recommends chocolate, a very practical lady too.
The paintings of the autumn brown leaves and flowers are so subtly done, so calm and quiet and lovely.
And the very best of such a wonderful array is the snowy owl, he is so calm and wise within his leafy home. This is a painting I could look at for a long time. The colours are so soft and gentle, the delicate leaves soft shades of green. I love it.

Tammie Lee a dit…

These are each quite fun, beautiful, whimsical and inviting.
I loved seeing each one and feel joy knowing that you are finding time to sooth yourself, be strong and get through the challenges of life.

Lovely autumn into winter to you Kat.

DVArtist a dit…

Wow so much beautiful art here. I do like the winter pieces. It feels like the North.