samedi 8 octobre 2016

Golden October

Days are drawing in now October is here, yet it is still full of gold and warmth trying to shine through when it can!
So here's to crunchy leaves,
leaves twirling,
colours changing.
This beautiful October's dance that takes our hand,
leading us slowly to the darker part of the year.
Listen to the breeze and gaze at the dipping sun as it turns the sky bright pink
and wonder at it all!

Linking to Art Journal Journey where Valerie's great theme is Indian Summer/ Golden October/Autumn

14 commentaires:

Valerie-Jael a dit…

Beautiful piece, full of the joyful colours of autumn, reminds me of leaves floating down in the breeze. Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, and have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

Meggymay a dit…

Its a beautiful page, I can almost feel the movement and breeze in your wonderful painting.

Giggles a dit…

Beautiful colour and movement. Love the words too! May you enjoy this colourful season with so much love!

Hugs Giggles

Let's Art Journal a dit…

Beautiful words and a beautiful page! Here's to crunchy leaves - I just love to hear them crunch under my feet :-). Thanks for making me smile :-). Enjoy the rest of your weekend! J :-)

~*~Patty S a dit…

Reading what you wrote is beautiful and musical dear Kat.
The lovely piece you created dances withe colors of this lovely season.
Happy October to you and yours oxo

froebelsternchen a dit…

So beautiful Kat! Thank you for joining us at Art Journal Journey!
Happy new week ahead!
oxo Susi

My name is Erika. a dit…

i love the motion of your page Kat. Its like the leaves gently falling to the ground in a gentle breeze. Hugs-Erika

Little Artbee a dit…

Dear Kat!
I like your nice autumn images much and the poem too. I also like all the photos of you and your nice family. God bless you all.
Gretings and have a nice autumn time.

sheila 77 a dit…

This is a lovely soft Autumn, the leaves are drifting quietly down with a little swirl now and then. I love the way you use words - "crunchy leaves", "the sky bright pink".......
This is an autumn we can all enjoy.

Tammie Lee a dit…

You have painted a lovely image of autumn with your words and your art.
thank you!

Anonyme a dit…

I was definitely dancing to keep from the cold here this morning, but not a prettily as your image. xox

Sharon Fritchman a dit…

Beautiful work, Kat! I love your amazing colors and the movement on your gorgeous page! HUGS!!!

Jeannette a dit…

hi kat,beautiful autmn image,remind me of floating leaves and branches,lovely words too.
have a great weekend with your family.

hugs jenny

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