jeudi 5 septembre 2013

Summer Dreams

Summer is so bright
Hot, heavy sultry summer
Feel the heat inside

I had much fun playing with color here.  How I love paints for that, the way color swirls, moves and dances. The whole process is a very special dance between the soul and the brush.
A stroke here, a smudge there, a wipe away and then another layer as you slowly lose yourself in the process, that's what I love about it, the not really knowing where the whole thing is going, but just continuing on, as a shape a picture emerge.
Keep playing and having fun!

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15 commentaires:

GInny a dit…

I love your bright beautiful colors. She looks so happy and pleased with the colors that surround her.

It is fun to lose yourself in the paint. Have a wonderful weekend.

Anne Manda a dit…

Gorgeous, love the sweet expression and the fabulous burst of beautiful color! <3

Giggles a dit…

Stunning...I love color the same way you do!! So beautiful and full of wonderful energy!

Hugs Giggles

Mary C. Nasser a dit…

Kat, I just love the colors and patterns and composition of this!
So lovely!
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Ivy a dit…

Beautiful, love the layers of color and texture. HPPF!

Uuna a dit…

Wonderful painting! It is so light, warm and interesting. I can see all that amaising working. Lovely prosess.
Happy PPF :-)

Anonyme a dit…

I am spending next summer at your place with dreams like this! xox

Linda Kunsman a dit…

Oh she is so beautiful and peaceful looking against all those wonderful vibrant colors!! Bien fait!

Unknown a dit…

she is beautiful!!! love this piece....Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Penny Lee StewArt a dit…

Tres bien!!!! I love your colors.

Tammie Lee a dit…

such a lovely piece Kat
i love the feeling of it too ~

denthe a dit…

So lovely to see another summer painting, after all the autumn themes I saw everywhere. Summer is my all-time favorite season, and your painting really captures the spirit of summer.

Coreopsis a dit…

This is lovely lovely lovely! The title is perfect for it! I want THAT kind of summer dream (as opposed to the way it is here, where it's just hot hot hot, so oppressively hot that you can't do anything outside past 7:30 am).

Also, your previous autumn colors piece is marvelous--I love the colors!

Shari a dit…

Love your painting, very colorful!
Visiting from PPF.

JKW a dit…

You can certainly add "Fashion Designer" to your many talents. I love this look. Blessings, Janet PPF