dimanche 28 avril 2013


Peaceful and quiet
Nature slowly awakened
She loved her moments

This is a sketch I photo edited, I love the warm colors and the peace this one brings me. I wish you all a peaceful week filled with simple and happy moments!

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8 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Beautiful art work ~ can see butterflies and lots of nature in there .^_^

Rhonda Halushka a dit…

Very lovely! Tres jolie!
I like the dark intensity of the colors. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!

sheila 77 a dit…

This is so inventive and yes, it is peaceful, I felt that even before I read your description. Beautiful artwork, Kat. I like your restricted colour palette too.

Anonyme a dit…

My first thought was that you created a batik! Amazing what we can do with pur technology. xox

Ginny a dit…

This is beautiful Kat. As I look at it and read your words, I too feel peaceful. Have a wonderful week.

froebelsternchen a dit…

an amazing piece Kat!

Liz a dit…

It's gorgeous!

Liz (yacb)

Blogger a dit…

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