vendredi 13 juillet 2012


I see a bright blue sky,
 bright green blowing in a never ending blue,
luminous with summer.

Sounds of bugs and the other world,
my senses over flowing with gifts,
thank-you universe for all this beauty!

This is a tribute to my senses and the pure pleasure I get from them all, the abundance! Relish your days   and the many gifts that are offered to each sense, pure pleasure!

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15 commentaires:

Molly a dit…

I like the way the black and white flowers stand out against the brightly colored background.

Ginny a dit…

Nature is a special gift to each of our senses. It just finished raining and now everything smells so fresh and beautiful.
This is a beautiful painting that reminds me to enjoy all that nature has to offer each day.

Giggles a dit…

Really pretty Kat! Love the green threading through the delicate!

Hugs Giggles

soulbrush a dit…

Oooh I love these colours.

Mary C. Nasser a dit…

Love this tribute to your senses!
Reminds me of florals and summer and music!!
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Carolyn Dube a dit…

Love all the layers in this with such vibrant colors!!

Carolyn Dube a dit…

Love all the layers in this with such vibrant colors!!

Unknown a dit…

Hi Kat,
Beautiful painting the flowers really stand out and I like the poem. Have a great weekend :)

Nora MacPhail a dit…

Marvelous bold pattern. Gorgeous!

bellefrogworks a dit…

There is so much depth here - feel as if I could push some of those flowers aside and step into the garden!

Lynn Cohen a dit…

Such a lovely piece of art. I do like those black centers in each flower head too.

Hppf on Sunday.

Abela a dit…

Beautiful piece, these flowers on bottom lands are charming,

Julie a dit…

This is stunning Kat, there is so much depth here and so much to see. I see Summer and joy and I also see a fairy peeking through the garden. I love your poetry too. And thanks for your sweet comment. xo

Paula - Buenos Aires a dit…

Love the white flowery pattern. Cool blue touch. Great image for your words.

pauline a dit…

Kat, how wonderful to catch up with your blog, finally! I love this one... love the combination of little flowers (with the black!) and the green stems. Your background colors are great too. Beautiful work. xoxo