lundi 23 avril 2012


I'll be linking this to Creative Every Day, another mixed media piece full of warmth and heat. It's very similar to another piece I did of late, I just couldn't help doing another with those warm colours I love!

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Robin a dit…

Yes, those warm colors are delicious...this looks wonderful..I love the text showing through and the different hues...great colors

carol l mckenna a dit…

Lovely color combination and abstract ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^ ~
You might consider linking up with my blog hop today ~ ^_^ Magical Monday Meme

pauline a dit…

Love these warm colors & those interesting textures, Kat. i always love seeing words there too... great work. xoxo

Ginny a dit…

Hi Kat,
I love the warm colors and the words peeking through. Your abstracts always speak to me in such a comforting way.

Thank you for your comment on my blog today. I think the classes I have been taking have really helped. They are over next week but I am going to keep on painting and see if I can't keep moving forward.
I love your painting with the Guardian Angel. It is beautiful.

Cowgirl Red a dit…

Those are my colors!! I love it! xoxo Terah