mercredi 21 juillet 2010

Une Féé

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I had a perfect dream where swallows fly high in a clear blue sky,
crickets sing in the long dry grass
and scents of pine invade the senses.
Summer heat sizzles bright,
dissolving into a cool perfect night.
Under a crescent moon,
blow out your candle,
close your eyes,

3 commentaires: a dit…

ahh, the very sweetest!!! and colors too...and sense filled poem! thanks, for your note on my blog!!!
keep up this wonderful personality filled painting!

Katie Jeanne Wood a dit…

Kat, I so love to read your words. I especially love the line, "blow out your candle" because it can have more than one meaning. I'll have to remember this late at night because I tend to keep my candle burning longer than it should.

I understand your comment on my blog too well. I don't live near my family, and haven't for many years now. I miss (some of lol) them very much.

I hope the summer doesn't pass you by too quickly. Time does go so fast, doesn't it? It's almost August, and it's a mere 2 1/2 weeks before schools open again here, I believe.

gautami tripathy a dit…

I can visualise and smell it too!

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