jeudi 15 avril 2021

Healing with the Arts


This post is going to be submitted as part of my final project for the Healing With Arts course I took online with . It is a wonderful course on how the arts : painting, music, dance and word heal on so many levels. 

In this post I will describe how I heal and connect with myself through art and journaling. I am of course typing here but writing with pen and paper has always been deeply healing and a way to let go. 

Below I will show some short writings from my journal and how I let loose with words and find peace.

Excerpts from my journal dedicated for the Healing with Arts project:

The need to put pen to paper, feel the pen smoothly glide. Breathe in and out and release, express, find words to fill the pages and enter a quiet state.

Reflecting on gratitude, beauty, moments and the season’s gifts. Life can have its challenging times but through the process of writing and the power of words I can find a special place to let go, a place to express, get into the flow and heal.

My little girl is unwell, mentally very unstable and violent at times. She is autistic and finds life very challenging. We are on a roller coaster ride with her trying our best. Art gives my life the energy and colour I need to fuel and be there for Lulu the best I can.

Thinking of the beautiful moments, accepting the hard ones and being grateful for all the small pleasures gives my day the fuel I nourish on. Moments of self care, opening my journal and filling in a blank page is deeply therapeutic. Following the lines of my pen  as I doodle takes me into a meditative state. Or writing up a beautiful moment I would like to capture in words, the turning of the seasons, sounds, sights and scents that touch me.

Each day can have its own colour and reflection, some days are vibrant purples whilst others are pale lilacs. Keeping it simple, noting what made me feel good, turning in to what makes me tick, to a deeper level of appreciating the days and seeing the poetry. Loving the changing light and songs of nature throughout the seasons. The quiet days and ones filled with chatter. As I write I turn inwards, enjoying the present moment and  the quiet. Just now I can hear sweet bird song as night slowly descends and the wood in the fire burns and crackles, bringing warmth and peace to my soul.

Loving this flow state I cherish all that brings me to this sweet place. A time to relish the beauty I feel all around me or to let go and remember to accept, smile and be kind.

Writing and painting are moments of deep connection, like a prayer. Letting the pen or paintbrush flow feels wonderful and helps shift the mind from  wandering, bringing me back to the here and now, as I smile, breathe and enjoy the magic and peace of expression. Creativity helps me grow and accept and face challenges. Pen and paper soothe my soul daily and for this I am truly grateful.

Below I will share a piece of writing to express my joy of connection with Lulu:

Your eyes connected with mine,

Sharing a rhythm together.

Joining deeply with you,

Your beautiful soul that shines through your eyes.

Connection and love as we move,

Healing with you,

Through music and joy,

Letting go in unison.

A gift from the beyond,

So full of spirit and our own sacred space of movement and light.

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sheila 77 a dit…

Hello Kat,
Your art here is so beautiful and calm. It's wonderful that you still make these lovely paintings, with your own style and soft colours.
I really love the pen drawings each within its own coloured painted space and I especially love your paintings, so true to your own ideas and with your own mix of colours. I especially like the last one with these magical shades and the plants alive with the wonder of nature in Spring.
Lots of love,