dimanche 11 septembre 2016

Summer Lingers

Sun and Summer waning, Autumn playing with Summer, a gentle mix of this and that.
Enjoy the warmth that lingers, or the much needed rain pattering down!
Feel time as it slips on leading us to mellow days.
Enjoy the beautiful simplicity in your daily lives,
for me it's the feel of my little girl's hand in mine,
smiles and kisses,
so much love everywhere!

A collage below of this and that, as Summer still shines strongly in!

Linking to Paint Party Friday, a super place full of wonderful artists and creativity with great hosts Eva and Kristin who thankfully let us free with no rules, that's what I love so much!
It's a place of creative souls coming together every week to just have some creative sharing fun, it definitely edges me on with my creations and sorry to all whom I don't leave comments to, I simply don't always have the time.

13 commentaires:

sheila 77 a dit…

What fun you must have making these lovely colourful collages.
Your words are beautiful as always. The simple pleasures are good.
Being with Lulu will be the best.

Valerie-Jael a dit…

Wonderful piece, great colours, hugs, Valerie

Sandy a dit…

What a wonderful collage so much colour.
Happy PPF
Vicki-Ann :)

sirkkis a dit…

Thank you for lovely poem and beautiful Art ♥

Linda Kunsman a dit…

beautiful words and art that sing of the joys of summer. Happy PPF!

Fran a dit…

Sweet description of the changing seasons and I love the brilliant collage.

Giggles a dit…

Your poem brought tears... my gauge of excellence! I think I could feel every single one of those words as something I too have experienced or said. Thank you for those memories!! Your artwork is gorgeous and quite fitting to the week of the harvest moon!! It looks like a piece of fruition!! Beautiful post!

Hugs Giggles

DVArtist a dit…

your poem is as beautiful as your art. I just love the bold colors you use.

Daniela Rogall a dit…

great piece, nice elements

Tammie Lee a dit…

I so enjoy how you use color. Lively and festive. Feels good.
Yes, seasons are changing and enjoying the simple things is such a good feeling. Lovely Sunday to you and yours.

Tammie Dickerson a dit…

So bright and cheerful! :)

Tammie Dickerson a dit…

So bright and cheerful! :)

Irene Rafael a dit…

Your poem is lovely. I especially like the the line about your daughter's hand in yours. This brought back so many delicious memories.