samedi 24 juillet 2010


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Sticky fingers wipe away the messy tears
and branches get in the way.
Darkness descends like a soft black veil,
as she walks through the lonely forest towards home,
where smells of baked cakes and sweet honey await her.
A pot of golden honey sits on the table,
Smell the sweet nectar,
Take a teaspoon and dip it in.
Feel the thick smooth texture,
Golden light inside the darkness.

4 commentaires: a dit…

mmmm, yummy painting, yummy verse...i think i must go run and make some tea and honey. ;)

Lis a dit…

I am discovering you through CED ... what magical images AND poetic words! I am off to meet more of your enchanted friends. Really rich, colorful, evocative pieces :)

xo Lis

Julie a dit…

I really like your artistic style and your poetry is lovely.

miz katie a dit…

I am drinking raspberry tea with honey as I'm reading your lovely poem. I hope you're enjoying your time away in the mountains, K.